Ghosts of the Past Pt. 1 - Treasure Machine (S3E19)

The thing about prophecies is you can never be sure if you’re better off ignoring them or obeying them. The team decides to split the difference and investigate some mysteries. Can we get in touch with Ember? Can we track down the Heat Sink to stave off the apocalypse? And can we learn anything else from the catchy little ditty we heard by that robot from the future?

Home Front Pt. 2 - Study Hall (S3E18)

Now that they’ve caught their breath, it’s time to make a plan. Some big things are happening in the world of the Cover Story, which means the hunters are going to have to do some big things themselves to keep their friends and their world safe. The team is hitting the books, and the bad guys are about to learn that knowing is way more than half the battle.

Home Front Pt. 1 - Garage Sale Weekend (S3E17)

What do you do after you’ve trudged through hell and battled the devil himself? If you’re Mark Clayton, you go shopping! It’s a desperate quest for some normalcy on our show this week. Which always works out GREAT!

Book Club: Covering the Story S3 Act 1 (Bonus)

So much has happened, but what does it all mean? Well, we can’t tell you everything, but we can tell you how we feel about it. Join the cast as we reminisce on everything that’s happened in the first Act of the final Season of The Cover Story. Let’s indulge in all that intensity as we revisit the Family Business, Dead Sea, Reaper, Face to Face and Witchwood arcs. WE HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS!!!!

Witchwood Pt. 4 - Into the Fire (S3E16)

It’s time to finally face down Tower—or whatever she’s become—as well as her new ally. And if that ally lives There, it is not going to be good. This week on the Cover Story? The Truth Hurts.

Witchwood Pt. 3 - Into the Sea (S3E15)

It’s true what they say: “Nothing Lives in the Sea Kingdom.” But that doesn’t mean there isn’t something bad lurking inside. Turns out you don’t have to be alive to cause problems, and the people our heroes are after are causing some SERIOUS problems.

Blades in the Dark Pt. 2: I Didn't Think I'd Get This Far (Bonus)

Ace, Echo and Wicker head to the very top of the bottom as their hunt for the Glasstown thieves leads them to a Matriarch of the Bridgeway. But their true goal leads them deeper into the underbelly of the town than they’d planned. And the score they’re after is not what it seems. As long as they stick to the deal and don’t open the case, they should be okay… right?

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Blades in the Dark Pt. 1: Welcome to Brickwall (Bonus)

What happens when you take a dyed-in-the-wool crew of Monster of the Week lifers and make them play a different system? Well, it’s delightful, that’s what. Welcome to Blades of Brickwall. A Blades in the Dark miniseries set in the homebrew city of Brickwall. Ace, Echo and Wicker are a crew of small-time criminals who get a job that could put them in the big leagues and almost immediately find themselves in over their heads. I mean like… instantly.

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Book Club - In a World (Bonus)

Welcome back to BOOK CLUB! This time John had the chance to talk with David (Trials of the Apocalypse), Quinn (Monster Hour) and Natalie (The Storyteller Squad) about how they create game worlds that capture the hearts and minds of players and audiences alike. This is an amazing peek behind the curtain of some of our favorite shows that you won’t want to miss!

Witchwood Pt. 2 - Into the Dark (S3E14)

The Witchwood is an ancient tree, a boundless source of arcane power. But for years, it’s been lost to the world. Turns out, it’s not so lost anymore! Good news: the team’s new ally can use powerful magic again. Bad news? So can whoever has found it. Yeah, we don’t know what they’re up to but we know we want to stop them.