Forged in Fire Pt. 3 - The Right Decision (S3E28)

So here’s the plan: Fight fire with fire. It’s simple, but it won’t be easy. The forge is under the control of an unscrupulous wing of the Magio, the stones that will serve as materials are… unstable at best, and even once they find this forge, what kind of weapon will be strong enough to save the whole world?

Forged in Fire Pt. 2 - A Bird in a Cage (S3E27)

What do you do when you’re walking around with a weapon that can destroy everything? Keep it pointed at the bad guys. The hunt is on for a legendary forge that can craft vital resources out of the team’s most dangerous liabilities. They have more than one mystic stone imbued with the flames from the end of the world. I guess using that stone to build something is…. certainly An Option.

Content Warning: This episode includes depictions of dissociative disorders and confronting an abuser. Additionally, there is a short scene at the end of the episode depicting home hospice care (1:41:30-end).

Forged in Fire Pt. 1 - Forward (S3E26)

Okay, it’s time once again to ask our favorite question: What the hell do we do now!? The immediate threat from The Magio has been handled, but now an even bigger threat looms. And some of the biggest players in the game want Mark, Theo, Kira and Anna to get on the front lines in a battle they’re only just beginning to understand. Lock and load, people.

The Midnight Council Pt. 3 - Blood of the Centaur (S3E25)

All families have secrets. But when your family is the head of a magical organized crime outfit, your secrets are going to be a little bit bigger than most. We’ll have to go pretty deep to get to the bottom of this one. Deep like all the way into the underworld. So pack light, and dress warm. We’re going to finish this one way or the other.

The Midnight Council Pt. 2 - One Step at a Time (S3E24)

The Magio has one rule above all others: You do not contact the dead. And Theo Nessos is about to break it. She’s going to get to the bottom of the one mystery that’s defined her adult life: How and why did Selena Nessos die?

The Midnight Council Side Story - Littlebear (S3E23)

Project Littlebear. One of the notorious Nathaniel Rose’s pet projects. But what is it? Donovan and Kira go behind enemy lines to see what’s behind the project. But where Nathaniel Rose is involved, you just KNOW it’s not gonna be a teddy bear factory.

The Midnight Council Pt. 1 - Date Night (S3E22)

If you thought the Nessos siblings were spooky, wait until you meet the rest of The Family. Something is happening behind closed doors in the Magio, and when it comes to our local magical Casa Nostra, that’s literally never good.

Ghosts of the Past Pt. 3 - Sonoma (S3E21)

What did you think we meant by “ghosts of the past”?! Someone very important comes back into our story that we thought we might never see again. But… she’s been changed, man. She’s seen some things. And some stuff. And stunningly, the person best equipped to help her might just be a stoner ghost who just wants to hang out, bro.

Ghosts of the Past Pt. 2 - The Young King (S3E20)

The Undying Soldier seems to have made her move, so it’s all hands on deck to try to put a stop to the very annoying cult she serves, and the sinister machine she’s helping to fuel. To make the stakes even higher, if they can’t steal that machine back, they’ll have no way to stop the oncoming apocalypse. So y’know. No pressure.

Ghosts of the Past Pt. 1 - Treasure Machine (S3E19)

The thing about prophecies is you can never be sure if you’re better off ignoring them or obeying them. The team decides to split the difference and investigate some mysteries. Can we get in touch with Ember? Can we track down the Heat Sink to stave off the apocalypse? And can we learn anything else from the catchy little ditty we heard by that robot from the future?