The Deep End Pt. 1 Heist Mode (S3E33)

It’s Heist Time, Baby! We’ve set our sights on one of the most powerful artifacts in creation YET AGAIN, and it’ll take all the cunning and connections they’ve got for Mark, Theo, Anna and Kira to secure the second Eye of Endregoras. Bad news? It’s located in the Dead Sea Kingdom. MORE bad news? The way back in is through the office of the city’s premier crime boss—and resident nemesis—Rex Crook.

Book Club: My Name Is... (Bonus)

How it started vs how it’s going ttrpg characters. Book Club is back with an intimate conversation with Cap (Shrimp and Crits), Teo (Monster Hour) and Lauren (The Monster’s Playbook) about their approach to character creation. This episode is perfect for players who need some inspiration on creating characters, getting into your character’s mindset and much more.

Written in the Stars Pt. 3 - Sins of the Father (S3E32)

It turns out, even if the future is scary, the past can be even worse. For the last year, Mark, Kira, Anna, and Theo have been discovering more about themselves than they ever wanted to. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned on this journey, it’s that no challenge goes away until you confront it. Even the scary ones. You know what? Especially the scary ones.

Written in the Stars Pt. 2 - Twin Flames (S3E31)

Have you ever been so angry that it felt like you were a different person? Kira Ashwood has. And it’s finally time for her to reconcile with the part of herself she’s spent so much of her life trying to keep at arm’s length. But she can’t do it alone. That’s the thing about being a person: You need other people. And sometimes, you even need people you don’t want to need.

Written in the Stars Pt. 1 - In for the Night (S3E30)

What do you do when you’re scared? When the forces allied against you seem truly unstoppable? When even your very best hope seems—at best—confusing to work with? Well, if you’re the crew of the Cover Story, you take some time to just hang out! They’ve created what may be one of the most dangerous artifacts in creation, but this week, they’ll be spending some time with an even more powerful asset: Friends.

Book Club: The Great Monster Make-Off (Feed Drop)

This one is a must for any aspiring GMs and Keepers. It’s The Great Monster Make-Off! Jonny was lucky enough to be invited onto Sero’s stream with Ian and Cap (Shrimp and Crits), for a game show hosted by Sero and Monster Daddy himself, the creator of Monster of the Week, Michael Sands! It’ll take more creativitiy than usual for Jonny, Ian and Cap to build monsters, mysteries and more right before your very eyes. Wait: I mean ears. Audio medium. Along the way, we have a great discussion of this game, how it works, and how to create within it.

Book Club: Covering the Story (S3, Act 2)

A lot has gone down, and there’s clearly more to come. So how are we all feeling? Join us as we digest Act 2 of Season 3, and check in with the players as we head into what will become … our Endgame.

Forged in Fire Pt. 4 - Balance (S3E29)

The Kingdoms of There have a vital purpose. A threat to them is a threat to everything. Unfortunately, there are so. Many. Threats. And only Kira, Anna, Mark and Theo—and their friends—know enough to face them. But around here? Knowing is WAY more than half the battle.
CW: Brief mention of suicidal thoughts.

Forged in Fire Pt. 3 - The Right Decision (S3E28)

So here’s the plan: Fight fire with fire. It’s simple, but it won’t be easy. The forge is under the control of an unscrupulous wing of the Magio, the stones that will serve as materials are… unstable at best, and even once they find this forge, what kind of weapon will be strong enough to save the whole world?

Forged in Fire Pt. 2 - A Bird in a Cage (S3E27)

What do you do when you’re walking around with a weapon that can destroy everything? Keep it pointed at the bad guys. The hunt is on for a legendary forge that can craft vital resources out of the team’s most dangerous liabilities. They have more than one mystic stone imbued with the flames from the end of the world. I guess using that stone to build something is…. certainly An Option.

Content Warning: This episode includes depictions of dissociative disorders and confronting an abuser. Additionally, there is a short scene at the end of the episode depicting home hospice care (1:41:30-end).