Double Cross Pt. 1 - The Drummers Have EARS (S2E24)

I did NOT see that coming! The sudden betrayal of [REDACTED] is as surprising as it is devastating. Now Kira and Tommy are trapped, and it’s up to the rest of the team to get them out. Trouble is? The rest of the team doesn’t even know they’re missing.



Off the Books: Absurdia—The Big Box (Bonus)

No one remembers exactly when the Big Box arrived, but everyone tells the same story. It simply appeared one day at the edge of town with a block-letter sign overhead that reads: “For All Your Needs.” What does the Big Box offer? What lies within its mammoth frame? It’s up to a group of truly bizarre citizens to find out. Join Miah, Lauren, Jonny and guest GM Quinn Majeski for this bonus one-shot episode of Absurdia, a brand new PbtA game!

Chicago Pt. 3 - The Council of Many (S2E23)

The good news? The hunters are able to bring The Dagger to justice. The bad news? Its a kind of justice they barely understand. They’ll have to rely on a jury of inhuman beings to end the threat she represents. But there are more players on the board than they know.



Chicago Pt. 2 - Look to the Sky (S2E22)

The Dagger makes her moves, and our heroes will have to manage in the aftermath. Can Kira stay strong in the face of unknown threats? Will Theo be able to trust her brother? And how is Mark suddenly the one arguing for acting normal??

Book Club: Jeepers Keepers (Bonus)

BOOK CLUB! This one is a must for aspiring GMs! Jonny had the absolute pleasure to chat with some superstar Keepers from throughout the MotW universe. Sarah from Redgate & Wolf, David from Trials of the Apocalypse and Susannah from Thornvale shed light on what they love about this game that’s stolen our souls, and chat about their approach to creating memorable mysteries. Along the way, we’ll get to the bottom of what makes our games special, and how we got where we are. No jokes this time! This is a really nice episode!

Chicago Pt. 1 - The Welcoming Party (S2E21)

Theo is headed to Chicago to start her new life working with her brother Jacob. As her only sibling to ever fully escape the family business, she’s eager to learn from him and follow in his footsteps. Surely nothing weird happens in Chicago, right?

Off the Books: Murder on the Dance Floor (Bonus)

OFF THE BOOKS! The year is 1982. Disco is dying, but so are dancers and clubgoers all over the city. And it’s up to a whole other trio of monster hunters to get to the bottom of it before the music stops. This week’s mystery comes to us courtesy of Luke Green aka Thrythlind Books & Games.

Downtime Pt. 4: Shadow Girls (S2E20)

Captain Torres and Kira Ashwood aren’t so different. They’re both on the vanguard of the supernatural, and they both have an upsetting degree of control over the forces of darkness. Not, like, ‘evil,’ I mean like literal darkness. Shadows. And shadows have a way of attracting secrets.

Downtime Pt. 3: The Party Don't Stop (S2E19)

“I don’t think we’re in Minneapolis anymore, Tommy.” Casey’s home is under attack. Lucky for the hunters, this is Casey we’re talking about. Her home is BUILT to withstand an attack. This is still supposed to be a party after all. And we are GOING to PARTY!!

Downtime Pt. 2: We Can Make This a Party (S2E18)

EARS is much bigger than just Casey Davis. Meet Captain Torres. A security officer with a dark secret who’s drawn by a mysterious offer. But you need allies to move forward. Both Casey and Torres need to find ways to attract others to their cause. And you know what that means: It’s Party Time.