Reaper Pt. 2 - Injured Things (S3E7)

It’s just about as normal a week as we get around here. Bowling dates, long shifts at work, and quality time with loved ones. But someone with familiar glowing tattoos seems to be following our heroes around the city. Is this who we think it is? Or is it—somehow—even worse?



Off the Books: Goons in Toyland (Bonus)

A child’s imagination brings a toy to life, helping them forget the world as it is and protecting the child from what lurks in the shadows. Like many kids, they grow up and unfortunately lose or outgrow their toys. Some lost toys are not always unloved toys. Sometimes they are misplaced. This may be the case for Polly the lost Polly Pocket, Commander Midnight the lost GI Joe, Mikey the lost Mr. Mike Rockin’ Robot and Queen Wildberry Empress of Shadow aka Snuggles the lost Furby. Growing up is tough, but nostalgia is forever.



Book Club - Act Like a Hero (Bonus)

Welcome back to Book Club! This one is a must for anyone looking to level up their roleplaying. Lauren had the absolute pleasure to speak with fellow podcasters and self-proclaimed “theater kids” Allard (The Dice Crisis), Cap (Shrimp and Crits), Ghost (Dungeons and Pop), and Heather (Nameless Monsters). Come listen as we discuss the highs and lows of roleplaying, tips for getting into character, and advice for better roleplaying with others around the table.



Reaper Pt. 1 - Making Plans (S3E6)

The team is out of the Dead Sea, but they’re not out of the woods yet! The first steps back on solid ground are shaky. Obviously, they’ve wound up in the last place on Earth they want to be. Plus, something is wrong with Mark’s “brother” Lowry. And who’s that sneaking around? It’s The Invisible Family. And they do not like being interrupted.



The Dead Sea Pt. 2 - Nothing Lives in the Sea (S3E5)

It’s a return to THERE. But this time, they have a couple of advantages. First, they already have a guide. But more than that, with Mark’s history, returned, he can fully navigate the mysterious Kingdom of the Sky. That advantage will only take them so far, because Kira Ashwood is in the Sea Kingdom. And you know what they say about the Sea…

The Dead Sea Pt. 1 - Where is Kira Ashwood? (S3E4)

Kira Ashwood is missing. Her hunt for The Tower sent her somewhere Anna, Theo and Mark cannot follow. The good news is, they have an ally who will know how to track her down. The bad news is, they might not like what they find.

Family Business Pt. 3 - The Grim Ledger (S3E3)

The true culprit has been sussed out, but what is she up to? Kira, Anna, Mark and Theo track down the villainous Tower, and do what they can to get to the bottom of her sinister plans. What they find will take them deeper than they may want to go…


Content warning: Substance abuse



Family Business Pt. 2 - Four Wings (S3E2)

“I’m Quatraile!” Mark, Theo, Kira, and Anna meet a mysterious captive with more secrets than she knows what to do with. But getting her free isn’t going to be easy. And not just because of the horde of monsters descending on the team. There’s something odd going on with the girl. Something… not quite alive.



Book Club: Safety First (Bonus)

Welcome back to BOOK CLUB! The fictional worlds we build in TTRPGs can get pretty dangerous, but the people at the table should always feel safe. Jonny talks with Natalie, Keeper of the Storyteller Squad and Zoe, GM of The Writer’s Room to talk about what makes roleplaying a uniquely vulnerable experience for players and GMs alike, how to make your table welcoming to all, and how working with your players to build and maintain a safe space to game can make your stories so much better.

Safety Tools Resources:

Family Business Pt. 1 - Investigators (S3E1)

SEASON THREE PREMIERE!! Life has gone back to what passes for normal for Mark, Theo, Kira and Anna. But a new mystery comes knocking—literally. Mark is summoned to take on an investigation for a familiar client: Rex Crook. But what does it mean to go into business with the city’s pre-eminent supernatural crime lord? And what could he possibly need help with?